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Tata Steel Scholars

With the values of having an equitable society in its core, Tata Steel stands as a corporate with a soul. It has rendered assistance to the youth of Jharkhand and Odisha, who have had courage enough to dream big. Apart from the Jyoti Fellowship, Tata Steel Scholars is another such scholarship programme initiated by Tata Steel to ensure no child’s dream ever gets throttled for financial constraints.

Fostering its vision to uplift the underprivileged, Tata Steel Foundation established the Tata Steel Scholars programme in 2014. The scholarship programme has been an impetus to the nourishment of a very vibrant and dynamic group of students coming from the SC/ST community, residing in the operational areas of Tata Steel. The youth selected for the scholarship have exhibited exceptional diligence and perseverance in achieving their academic goals.

TSS provides an end-to-end support to the students, beginning from financial aid and mentoring to bracing them for life challenges through counselling. The programme intends to expand its outreach to a wider group of scholars and elevate their socio-economic status. All our Tata Steel scholars are enrolled in prestigious education institutions.

  1. Manisha Murmu

Born in a simple farmer’s house in Jamshedpur, 22-year-old Manisha Murmu did her schooling, free of cost, from Uranium Corporation of India Limited (UCIL). UCIL provided free education for children from economically lower backgrounds. Manisha did not have to struggle to get her high education done, but since her father is a farmer and also worked another job to meet the daily needs of her family, Manisha was worried about her undergraduate studies. But her uncle came to her rescue. Her uncle worked at Tata Steel and told them about the Tata Steel Scholars programme. She then applied for the scholarship, appeared for the interview, and received 100% scholarship. According to Manisha, the process of the application was extremely smooth and everyone was very supportive.

Manisha said that she never thought there would be a company that would support the youth to such an extent. She received financial support for everything, and even received a laptop. Manisha is pursuing engineering from Birsa Institute of Technology, Sindri. She got placed in the IT department of Tata Steel and hopes to spread information about Tata Steel Scholars to maximum people, so that the underprivileged youth can achieve their dream education.

  1. Ashish Kumar

Ashish Kumar always dreamt of becoming an engineer while growing up. But the financial condition of his family was not strong. His father worked as a hawker. Avinash’s sister also studied from Birsa Institute of Technology (BIT), Sindri; and to pay her fees, their father had to ask for debt every time. But because of Tata Steel Scholars programme, Ashish could get into BIT in order to pursue his dream of studying engineering.

Tata Steel Scholars took the financial burden off of Ashish and his father’s shoulders and he was able to pursue his engineering degree smoothly.

  1. Sahdev Besra

Growing up, Sahdev saw his older friends getting admission in Navodaya Vidyalaya and he made it his goal to get admission in Navodaya Vidyalaya. Students there were given free of cost education and were also given meals. He realised early on, that if he works hard and does well academically, then he can get scholarships in order to study more. Taking help from Dakshana Foundation, who took elite students from Navodaya Vidyalaya and helped them give competitive exams, Sahdev took up JEE as his next goal.

Even though he got scholarships, he had to face issues at home. His father, a farmer and the only bread winner of the family, found it difficult to meet the basic needs of the family. Sahdev was sent home whenever he fell sick, that was when his studies would take a backseat. But that didn’t stop him.

He had learnt about the Tata Steel Scholars programme when he was in Navodaya Vidyalaya. After appearing for JEE mains and advanced, he applied for the scholarship. He is now studying in IIT Kharagpur.

He is grateful for securing the scholarship because he thinks that he wouldn’t have been able to study in such a reputed college otherwise. His only other option without the scholarship was taking a loan from banks. The scholarship means a lot to him.

Sahdev wishes to do a summer internship with Tata Steel and eventually seek a good job so that he can take care of his family.

  1. Avinash Purty

Residing in a small town in the outskirts of Jamshedpur, Avinash Purty comes from a military family. His father served for the country; and for a long time, Avinash also thought he would join the military. But his father had to take voluntary retirement because of the conditions of their family. Avinash has two siblings, and it became difficult for the family to take care of their expenses. They had to change schools from English medium to Hindi medium education.

His cousin sister, who used to work in a government sector told him about the Tata Steel Scholarship, which helps students from underprivileged families. He then applied for the scholarship after counselling. He believes that are no other organizations like Tata Steel that creates such an environment for students or gives such an exposure to them. They were also provided mentors for their career counselling.

Currently Avinash is in his third year of mechanical engineering. His next short-term goal is to perform well is GATE exam.

  1. Bobby Rajak

Bobby’s and the basic needs of his family were always met, but he always though he needed some support that would push him a little more towards the right direction. He always felt the absence of that extra push that might’ve helped him reach greater heights. But Bobby’s approach towards life was positive and he believed that everything happened for a reason.

So, when he was interning in the HR department of Tata Steel Rural Development Society, he spoke with employees of Tata Steel across all the locations of Odisha. That is when he came to know about Tata Steel scholarship and he started planning about pursuing MBA.

Bobby graduated from Bharathidasan Institute of Management, Tiruchirappalli and has secured a job in HDFC bank as a Sales and Relationship Manager.

Bobby found the process of application of scholarship very smooth and in his case, sending money directly to his university wasn’t possible. But within 4-5 days, after discussing with the people associated with Tata Steel, the entire fee amount was transferred to his bank account and he could pay the tuition fees on time.

Bobby didn’t think he would’ve pursued MBA if it weren’t for Tata Steel scholarship as he didn’t want to take a loan. He finds himself in a position where he can support his family.

  1. Isha Kindo

Isha Samantha Kindo, a 22-year-old lost her father when she was in 6th grade. Her family took five to six years to come financially stable. Even though her conditions weren’t that bad, she had difficulty in paying fees for her law school. That is when she applied for the Tata Steel Scholars.

An uncle from her church passed information about the Tata Steel scholars programme to Isha’s mother and she then applied for the scholarship. Affording the fees of Symbiosis Law School wasn’t feasible for her family that time, so the scholarship helped Isha achieve her dreams. Isha considers the scholarship a blessing in disguise that helped her a lot.

Isha wishes to work in legal department of Tata Steel corporate sector in the future.

  1. Nidhi Kumari

Nidhi Kumari, a 20-year-old was the first girl in her family who could go to college to study. In her family, girls aren’t usually sent to school, but her father didn’t stick to the patriarchal mentality. Even though her father encouraged Nidhi to study, their financial situation wasn’t enough to support her through college.

Nidhi took help of Jyoti fellowship, another initiative of Tata Steel from 7th till 10th grade. During her 10th grade, a staff member told her about the Tata Steel Scholars program. The scholarship proved to be very important for Nidhi as she wasn’t in the position to afford the fees; as her father didn’t have any fixed job and her mother sold cow’s milk to help the family. Even the option of loan wasn’t possible as they didn’t have any assets to keep as collateral. Because of Tata Steel Scholars, Nidhi was able to get admission in IIT Kharagpur. As Tata Steel takes care of everything apart from just tuition fees and offers pocket money to their scholars, Nidhi could focus on her studies freely. Nidhi wishes to bag a good job from her campus placements.

  1. Karuna Murmu

Karuna Murmu was always interested in choosing science as her field. But since her father is a farmer in Bagbera, their income wasn’t enough for her to get into the college of her dreams. Her brother-in-law helped pay her fees of high school. She later gave JEE mains and advance, got a good rank and secured admission in National Institute of Technology, Jamshedpur. She had to take a loan in order to pay the fees of NIT. But her brother-in-law told her about the Tata Steel scholars and she applied for the scholarship. Once she received the scholarship, she paid off the loan and is now pursuing mechanical engineering. Her next goal is to secure a good summer internship.

  1. Ankit Rajak

While Ankit Rajak didn’t face any issues during his schooling, his family found it difficult to pay the fees of Birla Institute of Technology, Mesra. A friend told him about the Tata Steel Scholars and so he applied for it. Ankit is really thankful for the scholarship as he was given a laptop too by Tata Steel, his fees is also taken care of.

Ankit is currently pursuing Electronics Engineering from BIT and plans to do MBA next.

  1. Khelaram Hembrom

Khelaram’s cousin brother was already enrolled in Tata Steel Scholars. When he told Khelaram about it, he knew he had to apply. Currently doing B. Tech from Birla Institute of Technology, Patna in computer science, Khelaram wishes to secure a good job and settle.

Khelaram believes that whatever he has achieved is because of the Tata Steel Scholars program as they’ve supported him a lot. His family background isn’t strong financially and he owes his success to Tata Steel.

  1. Lakhan Mardi

Lakhan Mardi had seen the face of hardship since a very young age. His father had passed away when he was little and his economic conditions were rough. A friend of his suggested him to apply for the Tata Steel Scholars programme. The process of receiving the application was smooth for him and he could secure admission in Birsa Institute of Technology, Sindri.

Lakhan is very grateful for the scholarship as it supports him financially. He also believes that he can focus more on his studies as his fees and other expenses are taken care of. He has secured a PPO from Tata Steel and plans to do MBA in the future.

  1. Dhiraj Kumar

Born and raised in Jamshedpur in a family belonging to Scheduled Caste, Dhiraj Kumar’s family found it difficult to meet the basic needs of the family. Dhiraj’s father, a washerman is the only earning member of the family. Dhiraj has an elder sister and a younger brother. Somehow his father managed to arrange money to pay for their education by taking loan from friends and family.

After getting admission in National Institute of Technology, Jamshedpur, he applied for the Tata Steel scholarship. When he approached Tata Steel, he was explained the entire procedure very well and he applied for the scholarship and he was able to pay the fees of NIT. Dhiraj’s enthusiasm and gratitude about the scholarship is unmatchable as the scholarship gives him financial support for college fees, food, laptop and also offers him a stipend of 1000 rupees every month.

Dhiraj’s goal is to get a good job and help his father in supporting the family as he is the only bread winner of the family.

  1. Dhanu Hansdah

Being aware of his parents’ hardships, Dhanu never demanded anything from his parents. His parents managed to pay for his school education. He had earlier applied for Jyoti fellowship from the grade 7th to 12th. When was in junior college, people from Tata Steel had visited his college and all his friends started filling the forms. After his friends suggested him to fill the form, he applied for the scholarship.

After getting the scholarship, he has been able to do Electronics engineering from Birsa Institute of Technology, Sindri. He has been able to focus more on his studies and is trying to put his best foot forward. He knows that if needs help in any subjects, teachers can help him. The pressure of finance has been lifted off his head.

His next step is to get a job from campus placements and eventually appear for GATE.

  1. Budhan Singh Haiburu

Budhan Singh Haiburu grew up with 7 siblings. Both of his parents are farmers and they didn’t get a chance to study that much. But they still tried their hardest and encouraged their children to chase good education so that their life can change. Since his family’s income was less, he had to put his family first and he suppressed his wish of joining any kind of extra-curricular activities.

Even when he got admission in Birsa Institute of Technology, Sindri, his father didn’t try to hold him back. Budhan knew he had a large family and that they won’t be able to afford the high fees of BIT. Luckily, he came to know about the Tata Steel Scholars programme. When his father went to Budhan’s uncle’s house in order to ask for loan, his uncle told Budhan’s parents about the scholarship. He appeared for the interview and eventually secured the scholarship.

Getting the scholarship completely changed the way Budhan Singh thinks and changed his attitude. He credits Tata Steel Scholars in helping him achieve whatever he has.

Budhan has secured a PPO at Tata Steel. But he been dreaming of working for companies like Google, Microsoft since he was a child. He wishes to fulfil his dream in the coming years.

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