Jamshedpur News:XLRI Community Raises Over 2.1 Lakh Rupees for Friends of Tribal Society Through Silent Auction organised by CII Yi, XLRI



In a remarkable demonstration of altruism and community engagement, the XLRI community has successfully raised over 2.1 lakh rupees through the CII Yi committee’s efforts during a Silent Auction event. This substantial amount is being donated to the Friends of Tribal Society, marking the third consecutive year of this philanthropic endeavor. President Rajesh Mittal and Abhishek Garg were present to receive the cheque on behalf of the organization.
The Silent Auction sees the entire XLRI community, including students (both juniors and seniors), committees, and faculty members, coming together to offer items such as dinners, tutoring sessions, guitar lessons, books, paintings, and more. These items are then bid on and purchased by XLRI students, embodying the spirit of giving. All proceeds from the auction are donated, with neither the CII Yi committee nor the item offerers retaining any share.
“We are delighted and honored to present this amount to the Friends of Tribal Society, an organization that tirelessly works for the upliftment of tribal communities through education in remote areas,” said the spokesperson from XLRI. “This donation is a way for XLRI students to give back to the community and truly work for the GREATER GOOD.”
Smriti Gupta, the Secretary of CII Yi at XLRI, expressed her gratitude, stating, “We extend our heartfelt thanks to the Dean Administration and the Associate Dean Student Affairs for their unwavering support in helping the committee with all their endeavors and making this event possible. Their guidance and encouragement have been instrumental in the success of this initiative.”
The XLRI community’s commitment to social responsibility and collective effort continues to inspire and make a positive impact, embodying the institution’s ethos of working for the greater good.
About CIIYi:

CII Yi (Confederation of Indian Industry Young Indians) is a part of the Confederation of Indian Industry, aimed at fostering youth leadership and nation-building. It provides a platform for young Indians to engage in community service, develop leadership skills, and promote entrepreneurship. Yi members participate in various initiatives, including social projects, leadership programs, and networking events, contributing to the nation’s development and empowering youth to effect positive change. CII Yi at XLRI has been working tirelessly for the last 15 years through various events like Silent Auction, Jamshedpur Run, Kshitij, etc.

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