Puneet Vashist’s path-breaking entry as Lord Shani in &TV’s Kahat Hanuman Jai Shri Ram


Continuing the Gyarah Mukhi Hanuman stories narrated by Anjani (Sneha Wagh)
Mata’s, the upcoming episodes will introduce Lord Shani, the supreme deity,
punishing or rewarding people for their karma. Essayed by Puneet Vashist the
forthcoming episodes will see captivating drama as the Gods have upset Shani Dev by
giving Maruti an unmerited power in the form of Daivik shakti. It also marks the entry
of Puneet Vashist who has been very popular among audiences for his significant
work in the movie Fanaa, and Happy New Year among other Bollywood films and
renowned daily soaps.
Speaking about his entry as the angry Lord Shani Dev, Puneet Vashist says, “I am
humbled to be part of &TV and the Kahat Hanuman Jai Shri Ram family. A lot of
preparation has gone into playing Shani Dev’s character. Right from the temperament
to the expressions, to the Shuddh Hindi dialogues, and most importantly portraying
the significant character of Lord Shani. Shani Dev is the son of Surya Dev and Chhaya.
While his mother was going through severe penance, Lord Shiva, therefore, blessed
Shani Dev with darkness symbolizing the power of extreme penance that he possesses.
He has always been one of the most popular and the most dreaded Gods in Hindu
mythology. I am quite excited about this role and looking forward to seeing it come
alive on-screen.”
The Gods have angered Lord Shani, the effects of which will be unleashed on Bal
Hanuman and his family. Lord Shani will order Amangal to break Hanuman’s family.
How will Bal Hanuman overcome the wrath of Shavi Dev?
To know more, tune in to Kahat Hanuman Jai Shri Ram every Monday-Friday at 9:30

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