Jamshedpur Management Association (JMA) wins All India Management Association Award (AIMA)


Jamshedpur, Jamshedpur Management Association (JMA) created history by winning its first-ever All India Management Association (AIMA) award at 47th AIMA National Management Convention. The award ceremony was conducted on a digital platform on September 21, 2020. JMA won the award for Most Improved Local Management Association competing with 28 other LMA across the country and also was declared as Winner for best LMA  in Category IV cities competing with 15 cities across the country.

Speaking on the occasion Mr. Suresh Dutt Tripathi (Hony. President, JMA) and Mr. Amitabh Bhattcharjee (Hony. Secretary JMA) thanked sponsors (Tata Steel, Tata Motors, TCIL, ICICI , ISWP, Tata Pigment, JCAPCPL & TSUIS), AIMA , the executive board , the managing team , educations institutions in Jamshedpur and professionals of Jamshedpur for achieving this recognition which is a mark of excellence.

JMA organises various events, competitions, & training programs for management students and management professionals. In last two years JMA has revamped its revenue stream, organization structure, reach, digital media presence  and linkages with corporates, institutions etc. Many corporate leaders, leaders from academic has come on the platform of JMA. JMA promises to keep the performance up. The recorded video is available on YouTube.

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