Vasshin Composites launches “Kahani Pine Ki” to empower Himalayan Farmers


Bengaluru: Vasshin Composites, is an environmental engineering firm that addresses the much talked about issue of sustainability through their design and manufacture of bio-polymer based products. With their “kahani pine ki” campaign, they have upped the ante when it comes to safety related endeavors during the on-going pandemic.
The Pine tree is locally known as “Cheer ka Ped”. It is both a provider and destroyer for the Himalayan farmer as the wood is used for turpentine oil and firewood however its pine needles are highly flammable and come autumn season, when these needles shed from the trees and cover the forest bed, they do not allow anything to grow beneath them. Possessed with flammable compounds, they explode into flames causing forest fires. Successive governments have tried to come out with solutions like briquetting for biomass and energy conversion initiatives however the calorific value count for commercial application is low.
Enter Vasshin Composites which pays these farmers to lift this material and then processes it in order to design and manufacture a stunning array of plastic identical tableware products including but not limited to mugs, bowls, food trays and laminations. That is not it; they also process the volatile compounds present within these pine needles along with their R&D formulations to make these eco-friendly products Anti-Microbial!
In essence, consumers who purchase this product end up saving the environment by consuming only half the amount of plastic that would have been otherwise purchased. These products are laboratory tested with a 99.3% kill rate which means that the anti-microbial compounds in these products keeps consumers safe too. These bright minds are currently working on the R&D to design anti-microbial shoe soles as well and who knows, they might just be able to have the nation stamp out COVID once and for all!

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