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South Eastern Railway has attained loading of 100 million tonnes of freight on 11th October, 2021. It took 35 days less than previous year to achieve the milestone of 100 million tonnes. In last fiscal i.e. 2020-21, the same feat was achieved on 15th November, 2020.

During this period, SER has overcome natural calamity like Cyclone Yaas and extended rainfall in Eastern Region, yet all out efforts were made so that essential commodities reach the destination on time to keep the supply chain uninterrupted.

To serve the industrial sectors, SER has given thrust in carrying commodities like coal for power houses, ores and minerals for different industries etc. During the period from 1st April to 11th October, 2021, coal loading has been 21.13 million tonnes, which is best ever loading by this railway. This apart, loading of iron ore has been 55.95 million tonnes, steel loading 10.14 million tonnes, cement loading 6.55 million tonnes etc.

Formation of BDU (Business Development Unit) at Zonal and Divisional levels has played a significant role to achieve this remarkable loading performance.    Senior officers of SER have been regularly holding meetings with representatives of different industries and freight customers to attract new transportation business with railways.

Moreover, thrust was given on running of long haul trains to accommodate more trains in the existing path. In the current fiscal, till 11th October, 2021, altogether 284 long haul trains have been run as compared to 95 long haul trains in the corresponding period of the last fiscal.

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